Volunteer FAQs

Who can join the Good Stays Wanaka volunteer crew?

The good news is everyone! It doesn’t matter how young or old, fit or unfit you are, there is a job for you before, during or after the event. Every single person makes a difference to the event and ensures the athletes have a safe and enjoyable race.

Do I need any training?

No, we give a full briefing prior to the event plus everyone receives a detailed job description. However, if you do already have specific training such as first aid, traffic control etc, do let us know as we can put you into a role that uses your skills

How can I help?

Many people are unable to help on race day but have some free time before or after the event. We need volunteers for about a 10 day period so even if you’re not here on race day, do please still get in touch as we can definitely find a job for you in the lead up or post event!

How long will I be needed?

That depends on what job you are allocated. We try and ensure that no-one is working for longer than seven hours but many jobs only last two or three hours. Often if you are just doing a shorter job, we may ask if you are able to come back later in the day – but no pressure, we’re incredibly grateful for any time you can give!

Will I get paid?

Being a volunteer means being unpaid. However, each year we make a donation to a local cause to say thank you to the community for all its volunteer hours. Plus without you volunteering for Challenge Wanaka this event could not happen and all the social and economic benefits to the local community would not be received so your role is vital!

Awesome. How do I sign up?

Easy as – click here.

For more information, download the Volunteer Manual 2018