Volunteer Roles, Times & Locations

Here are just a few of the roles available in the Challenge Wanaka Volunteer Crew.

There’s something for everyone!

Aid stations – you are the athletes’ lifeline, providing them with essential nutrition on the bike and run courses. Working with a team of 8-12 people, this is heaps of fun and you get lots of interaction with the athletes

Road marshals – your job is to keep both the athletes and other road users safe and aware of each other. It’s easier than it sounds and lots of smiles and thank yous go a long way with the motorists!

Transition – you could be doing anything from helping athletes out in the change tents to organising the gear bags to directing athletes in and out of transition

Finish line – you’re right in the hub of the action but you do have to be reasonably fit as you assist athlete from the finish line to the recovery tent, about 100m away

Water safety – kayakers and boat owner are a key part of the team to ensure the safety of the swimmers

Lead MTBs – if you’ve got a mountain bike and think nothing of cycling up to 21km then we need you. You’ll ride just a few metres in front of the lead professional athletes (1st, 2nd and 3rd) while they’re out on the run course, making sure they have a clear path

Pack in and pack out – these volunteers are key to building up and taking down all the event infrastructure – a hugely important job

Office assistants – before the event the office is a hive of activity and help is needed packing race bags, photocopying, laminating, stapling etc

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