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Training Plans

We want to help ensure you are on top form to smash the Challenge Wanaka Half, so the Challenge Wanaka Sports Trust have created a free 12 week training plan especially for you, to support you on your athlete journey. There is a beginner and intermediate option to choose from and both will get you to race day feeling strong and confident.

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Training Providers

Triathlon coaching

FITTER is a New Zealand based triathlon coaching business offering highly personalised, professional coaching and support for those athletes looking for peak performance and to maximise their chances of success at events.

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TeamCP is an endurance sports coaching company that specialise in helping you to achieve more than you think is possible.

As a Triathlete we will help you to focus you on the technical, tactical, physical, nutritional and psychological aspects of your training to enable you to achieve your best. We will design a tailored training plan that’s realistic and achievable for your lifestyle and suits your budget.

Our services include;

Written training programmes: the best way to prepare yourself for an event. Our Team of Endurance Coaches will have you prepared for anything.

Technique training sessions: Be more efficient and travel faster; Cycling, MTB, Running.

Group sessions: train with other athletes and improve your skills and performance; Running, Cycling, Mountain Biking, Strength Training.

Nutrition: It’s not an endurance race, it is a nutrition race – have the fuel to finish strong.

Courses: to improve your technical skills – such as Bunch Riding, MTB skills, Transition training and Navigation.

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Peak Endurance Wanaka has been involved with and preparing athletes of all levels for Challenge Wanaka since the very beginning in 2007.

We have helped athletes win and set records in the pro men (Dougal Allan); podium in the pro women (Merryn Johnston & Simone Maier); age group podiums (Simon Brebner, Misa Klaskova, Shonagh North to name a few) and many satisfying completions of both the full and half distances through personal coaching and Challenge Wanaka preparation clinics.  We even helped prepare the only person ever to complete the Challenge double ironman distance.  We know and support this race; have been here since the very first event; and access the course year-round in all conditions!

Our coaching focusses on doing what it takes to develop you as a well-rounded triathlete.  We write individual programmes, meet with you and assess your swim, bike and run skills if you live in or can visit Wanaka.  We combine that information with your individual needs and our Challenge Wanaka experiences to help you be the best prepared athlete on the day.

Free Periodizations

Peak Endurance have created a free beginner and intermediate Periodization for all of our athletes. These guides are intended to avoid the pitfalls of a generic training programmes but instead provide tips and suggestions to help someone with little knowledge get themselves to the start line safely and with many of the typical race day surprises mitigated. Ideally it should be teamed up with some mentoring, which we can provide!

Beginners Periodization

Intermediate Periodization

Our services include:

  • Written training programmes using Training Peaks as a training/recording platform:  All our programmes are individualized based on your needs.
  • Technique training sessions: Individual or via our groups
  • Group sessions: Join our Wed night run group, Swim Squads, or bike-run specific strength and range group sessions.
  • Race Planning: Developing a specific race plan incorporating race nutrition, pacing and beating your demons!
  • On-Course Training: Specificity is important – come to one of our on-course training sessions.
  • Physiological Testing: Optional laboratory-quality testing of your bike and run lactate threshold, technique analysis and provision of accurate heart rate, power &/or run velocity zones.

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After racing 13 years on the international professional triathlon circuit, Olympics and Commonwealth Games, Tony Dodds has trained under some of the world leading triathlon coaches, and now wants to share his knowledge and own spin on training. These training plans have already helped many athletes to optimise performance, reach their sporting goals and succeed in triathlon.

Here’s why:

  • Sessions that are proven to work
  • Programs that are designed for peak performance at the right time
  • EMAIL ACCESS for any questions for the duration of the program
  • Reusable plan for future training
  • Swim programs specifically designed for triathlon

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Want more than just a program? There is also 1:1 coaching for more individual needs.

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