Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

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Lake Wanaka, New Zealand


Nutrition is without doubt one of the most important aspects of race preparation, yet athletes typically spend far more time thinking about training than about nutrition. Hours and hours are spent in the pool, on the bike and on the trails. Far less time is spent on careful nutrition planning. Nutrition is sometimes called the 4th discipline and this is for a reason. Nutrition can mean the difference between winning a race and not even finishing a race. Athletes who did not have a great race often state that it was caused by nutrition related issues: they ran out of energy, became dehydrated or experienced stomach problems. The ingested too much, or ingested too little. They tried new products they had not used in training and so on.

The new Challenge Family Nutrition Guide will guide you to a successful nutrition strategy.

For information on Challenge Wanaka’s on course nutrition from PURE, click here.