International Athletes

Challenge Wanaka attracts numerous athletes from across the globe.

In order to make your journey to Lake Wanaka and your experience at the the event hassle free, please find below some useful companies to assist you in your planning.

Natural High bike hire and tours

Cycle hire

Natural High is a service supplier for bike hire to Challenge Wanaka. They understand the requirements and needs of international riders visiting to participate in this iconic event – so if you want to travel super light get in touch with them.

Natural High bike hire and tours


Triathlon holiday packages/tours

If you have signed up for Challenge Wanaka, you are obviously up for a challenge, but that doesn’t mean that everything over the weekend has to be hard!

At Team CP we are here to take the pressure out of your race experience by creating a support package that ensures you have everything you need to finish the race and enjoy your time in Wanaka. We will provide your accommodation, transportation and dining options so all you have to do is show up.  We also have planned outings if you wish to see more of the Southern Lakes region, and time to relax and enjoy Wanaka.

Join Team CP and meet other athletes who are excited about racing this awesome event in a stress free, fun environment.

Travel: guided small-group tours showcasing the best of New Zealand’s scenery, local attractions and world-class adventure activities
Train: gain a unique travel experience as you join with fellow triathletes to train in our stunning hand-picked locations
Race: Cap off this wonderful journey by competing in one of the worlds best full or half distance triathlon events.

Visit the website for further details.

Triathlon packages designed to take the headache, stress and expense out of travelling to New Zealand to race Challenge Wanaka.

From picking you up at the airport, bike and equipment support, looking after you at luxury and homestay accommodation, familiarising you with the course, supporting your entire race experience followed by the opportunity to explore the stunning lakes and mountains surrounding Wanaka will make for a truly personal experience. Visit the website to get in touch and for further details. 

Need more help?

If you have any further queries, please contact us to see how we can assist.