Official Charity

Challenge Wanaka is proud to announce its official charity this year as Te Kakano Aotearoa Trust

Te Kakano is a Wanaka community-based native nursery that specialises in propagating plants of local origin.

These plants are used for habitat restoration, which you will see on your beautiful run course. With your donations, Te Kakano can work with more local groups, schools & organisations to promote connecting people with their land.  If you are able to support of this charity it would be greatly appreciated, you can make a donation during the entry process or on their website –

How the Challenge Wanaka Sports Trust supports Te Kakano

For every corporate team that enters, the Challenge Wanaka Sports Trust donates $50 to Te Kakano. The winning corporate team is then invited to plant the trees which the donations have paid for.

Challenge Wanaka Sponsorship Projects

Glendhu Bay planting 2021

The donation from the Challenge Wanaka Sports Trust meant that 40 native trees were purchased and planted in the Glendhu Bay Area. The winner of the Corporate Challenge, Dunlop Builders, matched this donation and with the help of Challenge Wanaka Board Members, 80 native trees were planted on 23 May 2021.

Penrith Wetland planting 2012 – 2020

A restoration project started in the Penrith Wetlands in 2012 to improve the habitat for native fauna and flora. The money donated by the Challenge Wanaka Sports Trust helped to support this project. With the Challenge Wanaka run course going past the Penrith Wetlands it seemed like the perfect project to support.

How you can support

You might be traveling from far away for the event, so by helping Te Kakano to plant more trees, you can offset your carbon footprint too. And if you live locally, they always need a hand with thier projects.

To find out more about Te Kakano please visit their website –

Help support the charity by buying a tree (or more), and the Te Kākano Aotearoa Trust (and its amazing team of volunteers) will plant it for you!

Charity Donations

Thank you to the Lake Wanaka community for all its support

Each year, Challenge Wanaka makes donations to local causes as part of its volunteer programme. It’s our way of saying thank you to the Lake Wanaka community for all its support. In 2022 we were delighted to give back to our official charity Te Kakano as well as supporting the following groups Aspiring Rotary, Coast Guard, Wanaka Ukeleles and planting native trees for Glendhu Station.

Below are some of the organisations that have benefited from Challenge Wanaka (click the links to find out more):

Huge thanks to everyone for your support over the years.