Introducing Orca NZ and Ruby Fresh as our Swim Leg Sponsors!

Introducing Orca NZ and Ruby Fresh as our Swim Leg Sponsors!

The Integrity Homes Challenge Wanaka team are pleased to introduce Orca New Zealand and Ruby Fresh Open Water Swimming, as the joint Challenge Wanaka Swim leg sponsors for the next three years 2022-2024! The awesome thing is that both businesses are based in Wānaka and have come together in collaboration for the event.

Eddie Spearing from Ruby Fresh explains the slightly unusual sponsorship partnership, “It may seem funny to have competing brands working together in such a way, but Carl Gerrard from Orca NZ and I have known each other for a very long time and are great friends so it seemed a natural thing to do. Sharing the sponsorship cost and aiming to create a situation where 1+1= 3.”

“Sponsoring the Integrity Homes Challenge Wanaka Festival will further establish the global brand position Orca occupies in New Zealand,” says Carl. “Solidifying our position as the suit of choice in the coastal sea environment.”

For Ruby Fresh this sponsorship provides the perfect awareness at a major event for the startup swim brand to launch to the mainstream, aiming to concentrate its products to the freshwater areas of the nation.

Orca NZ will look after the individual competitors over the period of the event, whilst the Ruby Fresh will focus on the team component, plus the Bay to Bay swim on Thursday 17th Feb, which is now open for anyone to enter in 2022!

Demos of the wetsuits will be possible over the entire Integrity Homes Challenge Wanaka Festival, plus with both brands based in Wānaka, it’s really easy for each of them to do pre and post demo’s outside of the event, so please get in touch with them through their website.

WIN A WETSUIT!! For the new Integrity Homes Friday Night showcase event, each brand have kindly given a wetsuit to be won! And to top it off you could win a Ruby Fresh wetsuit at the Bay to Bay swim, as a spot prize and a Orca NZ at the events on Saturday 20th Feb – how cool is that!! Thank you so much Ruby Fresh and Orca NZ.

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