Integrity Homes Challenge Wanaka Festival COVID Update 17 February 2021 10am

The Integrity Homes Challenge Wanaka team wanted to update everyone this morning (Wednesday 17 February 2021 10am) that the decision on the events of the coming days will be now made after the 4:30pm Government update this afternoon. The timing of this update was revised after releasing our previous announcement.

An announcement from the Integrity Homes Challenge Wanaka team will be made as soon as possible after the 4:30pm update, following consultation with the Board of Trustees and the Management team.

This will be then communicated via an email to athletes, parents, support staff, website update, Challenge Wanaka app SMS push and Social media channels.

We understand that athletes and support members for tomorrow’s racing will already be travelling to Lake Wānaka before the 4:30pm announcement and sympathise with those affected. We are remaining positive and hope to host our events if we possibly can, as we known all participants have committed time, energy and funding to being part of the Integrity Homes Challenge Wanaka festival. The event site preparation is being finalised today so we can be ready to go for tomorrow.

We also want to reiterate that the Alert Level in the Southern Lakes Region will have to move down to Level 1 for us to continue with the Festival as planned.

The Management team are working through continency plans for all scenarios for every race within our schedule and will be communicating those after 4:30pm today.

We would like to thank you for your patience and positivity as we move forward and we hope to be able to deliver a fun and safe sporting event for all.

To recap on events and numbers of athletes:

Thursday 18 Feb – approx. 250 competitors (Intermediate and Adaptive) + 380 Secondary Schools and Junior
Puzzling World Intermediate Challenge
Integrity Homes Challenge Wanaka Adaptive Triathlon
Mitre10 Secondary Schools Triathlon at Integrity Homes Challenge Wanaka
TRI NZ Suzuki Junior Series Triathlon at Integrity Homes Challenge Wanaka

Friday 19 Feb – approx. 940 competitors
Puzzling World Junior Triathlon at Integrity Homes Challenge Wanaka

Saturday 20 Feb – over 800 competitors
Integrity Homes Challenge Wanaka Half
Garth Barfoot Aqua Bike at Integrity Homes Challenge Wanaka

We ask everyone to please abide by the Guidelines the Government has set out for Alert Levels within your region.

Please remember to stay home if you are unwell, call Health Line and arrange to get tested.

It is important we all sign in with the app or on paper records at every location we go into across the country and keep up good hand hygiene. Please wear a mask and social distance where necessary as the Government outlines.


Integrity Homes Challenge Wanaka media enquiries:
Sophie Luther
Communications and Marketing Manager
[email protected]
+64 210 269 2375


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