Watch out: Anna Johnson’s got a plan

Watch out: Anna Johnson’s got a plan

Challenge Wanaka catches up with Anna Johnson, working mum of two from Methven, New Zealand to hear how training for the full distance triathlon is going with Richard Greer from Team CP.


The last 8 weeks and I am sure from now on have been a mind game. I am thankful to have a plan from Richard at TeamCP so that I don’t have to worry about what training I need to do each day. Instead I just focus on when I can fit the training in around home and work. The last two weeks especially have been exciting as I have started to feel a little fitter and stronger which has allowed me to really believe I can do this.  I am looking forward to the next few weeks as my cousins and I take on Spring Challenge and enjoy more training adventures.


The focus for our first 8 weeks of training has been to further develop Anna’s foundation which has included how she moves by working on things such as her strength, mobility and technique as well as her weekly routine of when she does what.  We have achieved this by working on her running technique, got her bike set up properly and got her set up with a regular pattern of training.  This pattern will remain largely unchanged during her build up to the full Challenge Wanaka to ensure that she keeps her job, remains married and still recognises her kids.

However, the key thing that will develop will be 1 or 2 of her training days by initially increasing the amount time that she is riding, running and swimming.  During this time we will monitor Anna’s recovery from those to ensure that she is still smiling at the end of the week.

Now that her running is feeling more natural, her new aero position is good to go and daylight savings has kicked in we can start to take the next step of building the total volume of training towards Challenge Wanaka – so it is onwards and upwards!

You can follow Anna’s journey here and keep your eye out in our newsletters and on our Facebook page for more updates and tips on your own training plan.

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