The Championship 2018 announced

The Championship 2018 announced

Yesterday [Tuesday 1st August] Challenge Family announced that the event known as ‘THECHAMPIONSHIP’, will again take place at the incredible x-bionic® sphere in Samorin, Slovakia on June 3, 2018, following its successful inaugural race this year.

Challenge Wanaka will continue to be a qualifier for the event with the top six finishers in every age group and the top five professional male and top five professional female athletes qualifying for THECHAMPIONSHIP 2018.  All Challenge Family races across the globe, covering 56 nations will be qualifying races.  This makes THECHAMPIONSHIP a unique and diversely competitive race at a world class venue, featuring a top line up of professional athletes.

In addition this year Challenge Family has implemented a roll down system for all age groups. Slots will roll down in each age group and
relay category up to 12th place. Please note there won’t be a roll down system for the professional athletes.

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Read Challenge Family’s media release

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