Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

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Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

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21st January 2018 - Swimmer needed for Half team

Female swimmer needed for half mixed team. Please contact Angela at

17th January 2018 - Swimmer need for Half team

Swimmer wanted for the half challenge, please contact Matt on 0274747733 or email

14th January 2018 - Swimmer available for Half or Full

I’m interested in doing the swim for either the half or full in the challenge. My details are; Julius Staufenberg, MORE »

5th January 2018 - Swimmer available for Half or Full team

I’m a 17 yr old local looking to swim for either a half or full team. My time for the MORE »

28th December 2017 - Runner available for Half

I am an 18y old male looking for a team to join for the Half. My best Half marathon time MORE »

7th December 2017 - Swimmer available for Half Team

Confident swimmer looking to join Challenge Wanaka Half team.  Contact Kim Brown

7th December 2017 - Runner available for Half team

Runner available for competitive half team. Half marathon time 1:15. Based in Wanaka. Contact Mikhail Gerylo

4th December 2017 - Runner available for Half team

Hi I’m looking to find a team for the Challenge Wanaka  Half. I can run 1.37 for half marathon. Christina MORE »

18th October 2017 - Female cyclists wanted for Half

Female cyclist wanted for Half team, ideally sub 2.50. Contact Sarah McLaren 0273310298 or

26th September 2017 - Runner available for Half

Would be able to run around 1.50. Contact Marcel

28th August 2017 - Biker and Swimmer needed for Half

Competitive biker and swimmer required to form a team in the half! Flick an email to if interested. Cheers.

14th August 2017 - Swimmer need for Half

Hello team, We are needing a 60year plus swimmer athlete for our team in 2018, no pressure, simply participation A MORE »

8th August 2017 - Runner available for Half team

I’m 30, from Christchurch and might be able to run a 1:40. Contact Henry Tallott  

3rd August 2017 - Female swimmer needed for Half all female team

Female swimmer needed for a half (all female) team.  Does not need to be ultra competitive. Please contact jonathan if interested.

29th March 2017 - Female biker wanted for Half team

Female biker wanted for competitive half team, sub 2:45 time frame, phone/txt Jemma 027 918 9402

19th July 2016 - How to use this page

If you are an athlete looking for a team or are a team looking for an athlete, please email us MORE »